5 Tips On How To Wash A Weighted Blanket

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Weighted blankets have become increasingly popular within the marketplace with more people recognizing the many benefits that can be gained from using them. According to Pinterest, saves for weighted blankets soared 259 percent in 2018. The interest in these blankets has never waned. These blankets offer numerous benefits including the ability to help minimize stress and anxiety.

The biggest issue a lot of consumers have is caring for these blankets. While normal comforters can be relatively simple to throw into the washer and dryer, the same cannot be said for these heavy blankets. After all, some weighted blankets can weigh as much as 25-pounds.

Because of their unique design and because of the excess weight, they must be cared for differently than a traditional non-weighted blanket. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the top tips for washing a weighted blanket and why it might be best to leave it to a professional.

Tips For Washing a Weighted Blanket:

1. Keep It Clean

One of the best ways to care for your blanket and to avoid having to deal with washing it all the time would be to keep it clean. The best way to keep your blanket clean is by investing in a duvet cover. Having a duvet cover for your weighted blanket can go a long way towards keeping the weighted portion relatively clean. While you will still need to wash the inside of the blanket occasionally, it won’t need regular washing because your cover will keep it clean enough.

2. Wash It Alone

If you are going to be using your washing machine for your weighted blanket, you’ll want to prepare a time where you can wash it without anything else. Not only is the blanket going to weigh too much to be added to a load, but not many household washing machines will be large enough to do so anyway. Thus, you’ll want to prepare a time to wash your weighted blanket by itself.

3. Read The Label

One of the main things you should be doing with a weighted blanket is the same thing you should be doing with any other garment or blanket. You want to read the label. Reading the label should give you crystal clear instructions on what to do and what to avoid doing with your blanket. The manufacturer will specify what you should be doing with the blanket based on the fabric and materials used. While a lot of the fabric used in weighted blankets can be washed in a washing machine, not every weighted blanket has filler that can be. Because of this, you want to check to see what the manufacturer has to say about washing and caring for the blanket. Typically, you can wash blankets that contain micro-glass beads and plastic pellets in machines. Whereas, any blankets that contain other types of filler are going to be hand wash or spot clean only.

4. Stick To Cold

If you are planning on washing the blanket on your own, you will want to stick to using cold water. While micro-glass beads can be washed in warm water, it’s generally best to stick to cold water when you are washing this type of blanket.

5. Remove The Cover

If your blanket comes with a duvet cover, you’ll want to remove it and wash it separately. As mentioned previously, the benefit of having a duvet cover is the ability to keep the inner portion clean. After all, washing the cover is very simple and only requires throwing it into the machine. As long as you exercise caution with your blanket and you avoid liquid spills, you should be able to get away with only washing the cover in most cases.

Why You Should Rely On Professionals

Let’s face it, doing laundry is a hassle. This is especially true when you have specialized laundry that needs extra attention. Weighted blankets are a good investment in your health, but an expensive one nonetheless.

Because of this, you will want to take good care of it. If you find yourself in need of washing your weighted blanket beyond the cover, you might want to rely on the professionals to handle it for you.

Not only do they have specialized equipment with commercial washers, but they know how to wash weighted blankets without damaging them. The last thing you want to do is damage your blanket or even your washer or dryer. What you might think is saving you money could end up costing you a lot over the long run.

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