7 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell From Clothing

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Smokers know how their hands, houses, cars, and even clothes often smell of smoke. If you’ve spent the night out around cigarette smoke, at a bar, concert, or by a campfire, your clothes may end up smelling like an ashtray. This awful smell may engulf anything you touch. It may leave you wondering, “how do I get rid of the smell of smoke on my clothes?”

You don’t have to throw away smoke-damaged clothes. They don’t belong in the dumpster. There are a few tricks that you can use to remove smoke smell from your clothing. At Valet Laundry, we’ve seen our fair share of smoke-damaged clothes. If you are stuck with smoke-filled clothes, our Naperville laundry cleaning services can help you get rid of the smoke. Here are some valuable tips that you can apply to remove smoke smell from your clothing:

Getting Rid Of Smoke Smell Without A Washing Machine

If you don’t have access to a washing machine, there are some tricks that you can apply to deal with smoke-damaged clothes. The next time you have clothes that stink of smoke while you are far away from home, here’s what you should do:

  • Air Your Clothes Out
    If you are unable to wash your clothes, let them air out in a well-ventilated area. You can hang your clothes outside or place them on a rack near an open window for several hours. It’s incredible how some fresh air can eliminate that stale ashtray smell from your clothes. Don’t leave your clothes in the sun for too long. They may end up fading. You may opt to leave your clothes hanging overnight. Hang your clothes in a single layer for air to move through freely. You can also hang your clothes next to plants since plants absorb chemicals from smoke-damaged clothes.
  • Try Baking Soda
    If you’ve ever used baking soda for stain removal, you must know how powerful baking soda is. Baking soda can come in handy when removing smoke odors from your clothes. You can place your smoked clothes in a plastic shopping bag or a garbage bag, then add approximately half a cup of baking soda. Make sure you shake the clothing and baking soda thoroughly for about two minutes. Don’t forget to seal the bag completely. Leave it overnight for the baking soda to absorb the smoke smell. Open the bag the following morning and shake the clothing to remove any excess baking soda. This method should help to get rid of smoke in your clothing.
  • Use Odor-Eliminating Spray
    There are various sprays on the market that you can use to get rid of smoke smell. You can also create a DIY spray by mixing vinegar and water in equal measures. After that, add around 30 essential oil drops into the mixture. Use a spray bottle and the odor-eliminating spray to get rid of the smoke smell.


Getting Rid Of Smoke Smell With A Washing Machine

It’s easier to deal with smoke smell if you have a washing machine. Here are some quick solutions to apply:

  • Lemon Juice
    Fresh lemon juice is effective when removing smoke smell. Half a cup of lemon can do the trick. Add this juice to your clothes during the first cycle to eliminate nasty odors, including smoke smell.
  • Vodka
    You can use alcohol to remove odors from your clothing. It is a powerful odor remover that can eliminate the toughest odors. Pour half a cup of an inexpensive vodka bottle into your washing machine to eliminate the smell of smoke. Use your washing machine as you always do to get rid of the foul odor.
  • Scent Boosters
    You can also opt to use commercial laundry products for a long-lasting fresh scent. You can choose various products from your local grocery store to eliminate smoke smell.


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By using these tips, you can get rid of the smell of smoke in your clothing. If you cannot apply these tips or are hesitant, Valet Laundry offers the best dry cleaning services in Naperville. We can pick up, clean, and deliver your clothes in no time. Get in touch with Valet Laundry today for the best laundry services. We offer professional wash and fold, and dry cleaning laundry services throughout Naperville, Illinois.