7 Ways To Remove Wine Stains From Your Clothes

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Red wine stains can be notoriously difficult to deal with. Pigments of red wine soak into fabric immediately after contact. That’s why you need to act fast after spilling wine on your clothes. Wine stains aren’t difficult to remove if you act quickly. Wine spills can happen while you are enjoying a drink with friends or pairing it with your favorite evening meal.

Nothing beats a good glass of red wine after a long day. Wine may leave you feeling warm, fuzzy, and a bit too comfortable. In an instance, you may spill wine on yourself. This may happen while you are vigorously explaining a story using hand gestures. What then?

There are a couple of things you should do after a wine spill. Don’t panic! You can still save your favorite shirt. Never put your clothes in a hot dryer after a wine spill. This makes it harder to remove a wine stain. Apply some treatment to the wine stain immediately. This step depends on the supplies you have at your place. Here are some proper steps to remove wine stains from your clothes:

1. Dishwashing Liquid And Hydrogen Peroxide

A mixture of these two compounds can eliminate wine stains from your clothes. The mixing ratio can be in equal measure or a 3:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide to dishwashing liquid. After combining the two liquids, test the mixture on a small part of the stain. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleaching agent.

If you notice an improvement in the small patch, pour the mixture over the entire wine stain. Let the solution sit for a while as you confirm whether the stain has disappeared. Continue adding the solution to the stain until the stain disappears. Wash the garment as soon as the stain is gone. Rinse the cloth with cold water immediately if you are unable to wash it.

2. Boiling Water

You can use boiling water to remove wine stains from table clothes. Here, you’ll have to secure the stained patch with a rubber band. Stretch the stained part in a large bowl and pour hot water on the stain from a foot higher. Hot water will efficiently remove any wine stains from your clothing. This method is ideal for table cloths that get wine stains while pairing red wine with a meal or while pouring a glass of wine.

3. White Vinegar And Detergent

White vinegar can neutralize the red and purple pigments of wine. Spread white vinegar all over the stain and apply liquid detergent. Once this is done, launder in hot water. This action should do away with the stain.

4. Club Soda

A carbonated drink can eliminate red wine stains from your clothes. Pour this drink over the wine stain and let it sit overnight. Repeat this process until the stain disappears. The minerals contained in club soda make it a better stain remover than water. It absorbs and disintegrates wine molecules, making the blotting up process easier. You may also decide to combine club soda and vinegar for better results.

5. Milk

Milk is a great absorbent. Pour milk on the stain and let it sit for several minutes. Use a dry rag or sponge to absorb the solution.

6. Salt

Common salt can help to eliminate wine stains from your clothes. Salt grains absorb red wine stains, removing wine pigments from your clothing. Salt acts as a cleaning agent that loosens any red wine stains. It would be best to blot the stain with a paper towel and then spread salt all over the stained area. Allow the salt to sit for several minutes. You’ll notice that the salt will start absorbing the wine stain.

For better results, leave the salt on your clothing overnight. The longer you leave salt on your clothing, the more effective it is. Repeat this process if the stain isn’t completely eliminated.

7. Bleach

You shouldn’t use bleach for all wine stains. Still, bleach can come in handy when eliminating red wine stains from white fabrics. Soak the stained portion in bleach for ten minutes. Once you are done, launder your cloth in hot water. This should do away with the stain.

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