How Does Wash and Fold Laundry Work?

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While laundry is a necessary part of life, it is not a pleasant task for many people. In other cases, you might find yourself short of time to perform this task well, putting your hygiene, cleanliness, and appearance in jeopardy. When you are overwhelmed, Valet Laundry wash and fold services offer Chicago residents a simple solution to this particular problem.

Professionals handle the washing, drying, and folding of all your household laundry at affordable prices. The hassle-free wash and fold laundry service is designed to save your time without neglecting your clothes.

Understanding Wash And Fold Processes And What To Expect

Also known as fluff and fold, wash and fold services feature the basic washing of clothing items. At its core, this service is designed to take away the hassle and burden of doing laundry. Wash and fold services consist of machine-washing the clothes in commercial washing machines and drying the items in commercials driers. Our team of experts thoroughly inspect the clothes to ensure they are clean before the cleaners fold them neatly.

Depending on the cleaning plan you choose, you might have to drop the clothes at the dry cleaners/dropping point, or they may pick the clothes from your home. In the same light after the cleaning, you can pick up the clothes or choose a plan that entails delivering the clean clothes within Chicago.

The Benefits Of Wash And Fold Services

#1. Saves You A Lot Of Time – Laundry is undoubtedly time-consuming and tiresome. With this in mind, if you are time-poor and a packed to-do-list, wash and fold services will serve you well. This service will handle this tedious part of your routine cleaning and free up valuable time you can spend with family or friends doing things you love.

#2. Protect Your Clothes – Ever looked at the cleaning instruction on clothing items and got confused about how you will do laundry. Well, with wash and laundry services, you do not have to worry about the intricacies involved in cleaning your clothes. We will care for every clothing item by reading and carefully following the cleaning instructions.

#3. Remove Stains That Need Professional Hands – Removing stains involves more than chucking the items in your washing machine and running them for a while. In fact, there are instances where cleaning our stained clothes in a washing machine will make things worse. An experienced expert will scrutinize the stain and determine the best cleaning detergent to restore the clothing items to a stunning stain-free state.

#4. Cost-Efficient Option For Frequent Laundromat Users – While it might seem counterintuitive, in many cases, it is, indeed, a cheaper option. Wash and fold services are priced based on weight rather than on a per-clothe item basis. Consequently, if you frequent laundromat, consider checking our wash and fold plans.

The Differences Between Wash And Fold And Dry Cleaning Services

Wash and fold services use traditional detergent, water, and a commercial washing machine to clean. Additionally, the clothes are machine dried and later neatly folded. Wash and fold is best used to wash machine-washable garments and textiles. This service is charged by weight except for oversized items such as comforters since they take up all the space in the washing machine.

On the other hand, dry-cleaning uses non-water chemical solvent in the cleaning process. After the cleaning process, the clothing items are pressed or steamed to remove wrinkles.


Are Wash And Fold Services For Me?

Wash and fold services are particularly suited for individuals interested in freeing up some time to spend doing other things instead of laundry. You will also benefit from this service if you want professionals to clean your clothes regularly.

Valet Laundry Wash And Fold Services

With years of experience, a dedication to providing customer-centric services, and a reputation for delivering clean clothes every time, you can bank on Valet Laundry to keeping you and your family looking great every time you step out of our home. Contact us today or schedule a pick-up.

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